Monday, June 12, 2017

Zero Shadow Day Observed in Kutch

No Shadow Day Was observed on 13 June 2017 at Bhuj in Matruchhaya Girls High School
More than 400 Students took Part and watched, measured and understood the whole event
Nishant Gor NirzarDayaram Jansari Members of the Kutch Astronomy Club helped a lot
whole Staff of the School Teachers, Trustee Naliniben also remain present and encourage Students

Link of Local news channel
Link of Chanchal News of Bhuj

Link of Video Conference 

Link for Video Conferance

At V D High School zero Shadow Day was observed with the Students Members of the Indian Planetary Society organised this event
Mr. Kuldeepsinh Sandhu, Mr. Pravin Maheshwari, Nirad Vaidhya, Kishan Thakker, Narendra Gor remain present to get the event success
Staff Teachers and Principal co operated

Lacture about  Zero Shadow at Bhuj Matruchhaya Kanya vidhyalay

Lacure of Narendra Gor was organised on the eve of No Shadow day (Which is been held on 13th June) to day 12th June at Matruchhaya Kanya vidhyalay
more than 500 Students were given understanding and instructions about the event

they were also told to spread this information to their parents
friends and others to watch this event

Zero Shadow Day At Naranpar Ta Bhuj

No Shadow day was observed with the Guidance of Kutch Astronomy Club in India at Naranpar School on 12th June 2017 at 12.51(IST) 23.121N 69.589E
Jignaben Science Teacher, Mrs Rawal Principal, Maganbhai Suthar Director of the School remain present 
Narendra Gor gave the Lacure about the importance of the zero shadow day with the History
Students observed the zero shadow casting at the play ground

Zero Shadow Day At Meghpar Ta Bhuj

No Shadow Day Was observed in India by With the Guidance of Kutch Astronomy Club in India at Meghpar School on 12th June 2017 at 12.51PM(IST) 23.114N 69.559E
Shri Anil Dabhi and his team made efforts and guide the Students

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