Saturday, January 24, 2009

Start Astronomy Club in your region

Dear Brijmohan,
The news were exiting for me that you are going to form a club at Vidhya nagar
Our Club is Registered under Society act and trust act in 1992
To form a club is not hard task
You have option to start club with registered or without registered
Though many of the astronomy organizations in India are not registered
under above act they are working better
I think first you gather interested people set some objectives aims
and activities for example Popularization, workshops library, Sky
gazing etc.
Select some responsible person for office barer like President, Vice
president, Secretary, Treasurer, Executive committee members etc.
decide some amount of annual fees or life member fee for the club
I will send you the memorandum of association and articles of
association by post so study them and go ahead
Near by District Charity Commissioner Office will also help about the
registering procedure
There isn't any need for wait all these things.
Create group, give it name and start working

Narendra Gor

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sky Observation in Kutch Rann Utsav

Work Done in brief

Kutch Amateur Astronomy club has been working since 1991 for popularizing Science, astronomy, spreading awareness against superstition and helping people to observe sky. So Far more than 600 sky observation program has been conducted by KAAC in which more than 50000 People of all age has been benefited. At institutional level KAAC has presence in more than 500 educational and other institutions.

Goal and Aim

“Astronomy Teaches us to look UP, BROAD & DEEP”

Kutch Amateur Astronomers’ Club
C-122 Mundra Relocation Site, Near Tata Mobile Tower, Bhuj-Kutch. 370001
Phone : 9428220472, 02832 299450, E-mail :

Activities and Motives of the Kutch Amateur Astronomers’ Club.

 Organizing regular Sky Observation and Star Parties.
 To organize public shows and demonstration on Astronomical and Scientific Events.
 To popularize Astronomy amongst Students & People organizing Lectures, Essay
Competitions and Exhibitions.
 To develop permanent place for Sky Observation near by BHUJ.
 To Eradicated superstitions and false perception and promote scientific
aptitude and temperament among the masses.
 If you want to organize Sky Observation event or Lecture in your School, Society
or Institutions and Villages. Please Contact the Club.
 KUTCH ASTRONOMY CLUB is available on Internet. You can be a group member by
providing Name, Address and E-mail. This is Free.

To visit Kutch Astronomy Club on the web, go to:

Or Mail to