Monday, March 30, 2009

Receipt & Expenditure for All Gujarat Meet 2009

Receipt & Expenditure for All Gujarat Meet 2009  

Receipt Expenditure 
Deligate Fee 53*200=10,600 Zerox & Stationery 440*1=440
                                                      Postage 400*5 =2000
  Stationary 60+100+1000+1200=2360
  Other Expance 600
  Donation to Osho Ashram 5200
  Total Expenditure 10600

Balance Nil

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Program at Air force Station Bhuj

Program at Air force Station Bhuj 

The Program for Sky Observation and presentation on our Universe was organised on 23 March 2009 In the Morning The students were undertsud the Universe Our Sky How our solar system came etc. The Q & A season was very interesting and children took part very keenly. At Night the present constellations and stars were understand by the Children. There were Two Telescopes by which Saturn was observed. The Students now wanted to form Astronomy Club in their Camus. Wimg Commander Virendra Sing (Chief Administrative Officer) Air force Station Bhuj give valuable support and invited KAAC for the sky show. From KAAC Mr. Narendra Gor, Rahul Zota & Ashvin Vaghela were present.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Sky observation Program at Lakadiya Ta Bhachau

LAkdiaya is the near to the entry in Kutch from Gujarat

on 13 March The sky Observation program was organised by Comunity Aid & Sponsorship Programme(CASP) Kutch Unit Mr. Bharatsinh D Jadeja took initiative and arrange the program for students of Lakdiya village. The principal of the High School Ramaben Vadi, Head Master of The Kumarshala, Kanyashala were also present there

From KAAC  Mr. Dinesh Panchal, Nishant Gor, Rahul Zota and Gunjan Doshi were present

Nearly 100 students and teachers saw Saturn through telescope, They also saw a day time star The Planet Vinus in the presence of Sun in Evening!!

The Lakadiya Astronomy Club was also formed

the detail of the members are awaiting

Narendra Gor


Sunday, March 8, 2009

next Program For this March

On 23 The Program will be at Airforce Station Bhuj

Wing comander Mr. Virendrasing took initiative for this program

the program is like this

on 23 from 9.00am to 10.00 lacture and presentation on Our Universe at the Auditarium

at evening sky observation with the help of telescope

the Evening sky observation will be continue on 24th also

We want to form a students astronomy club there

Narendra Gor


Messier Marathon and Gujarat Meet 2009

Messier Marathon and Gujarat Meet 2009 
Dear Astronomers

Here is an announcement for Messier Marathon and Gujarat Meet for the year 2009

The venue is Osho Ashram At Post Madhavpur (Ghed) Dist Porbandar Gujarat

The program is like this (there may be slight change)


Arrival and registration at 4.00 pm

5.00pm welcome note, introduction and briefing about Messier marathon

6.00pm move to the location 

6.30pm Setting the Telescopes and selecting the site for observation

7.00 Tea and Refreshment

7.30 the messier marathon start for full night

The dinner and Tea and breakfast will be served at the location

Date 28/03/2009

up to 14.00 hrs no session Tea Lunch, Lunch will be available

14.00 to 15.00 Total Solar Eclipse 2009

15.00 to 16.00 Where to go and What to do TSE2009

16.00 to 17.00 IYA2009 Events and Participation

17.00 to 18.00 Formation Of Gujarat Astronomy Association and declarations

This Program is just tentative and will be finalized soon

To register yourself please mail to with your detail

For More Detail please visit


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sky Observation Programm at Airforce Camp Bhuj

On First March The Sky Observation Program Was at Airforce Camp Bhuj Wing Comander Ishwar Rao arrange the program and help to organize program there

Monday, March 2, 2009



MARCH 2: Mars and Mercury are just 35’ apart. Very low in East at dawn. (6:30am)
MARCH 3: Moon 3 degree NE of Pleiades (M45)
MARCH 4: First Quarter Moon
MARCH 5: Comet Lulin (C/2007 N3) will be just 2 degree SE from open cluster M44 in Cancer. Nice opportunity for astrophotographers! The comet will be only 34’ EW of Delta Cancer star.
MARCH 6: Saturn will be just 38’ from 4th magnitude Sigma Leonis star.
MARCH 7: Jupiter is just 5’ from 4th magnitude Theta Capricorni star at 6:15am.
MARCH 9: Moon 2.5 degrees S-SE from Regulus.
MARCH 9: Saturn at opposition.
MARCH 10: Saturn 6 degrees NE of moon.
MARCH 11: Full Moon
MARCH 13: Uranus conjunction
MARCH 13: Moon 4 degrees 45’ SE of spica
MARCH 15: Comet Lulin is just 33’ W of NGC 2392 (The Eskimo Nebula)
MARCH 17: Moon 3 degrees W-SW of Antares
MARCH 18: Last Quarter Moon
MARCH 23: Waning Crescent Moon is just 2.5 degrees East of Jupiter.
MARCH 26: New Moon
MARCH 26/27: Best time for Messier Marathon, locate all the 110 Messier objects in one night.
MARCH 28: Venus Inferior Conjunction
MARCH 30: A Crescent Moon occults M45 (The Pleiades)
Preapared by Rahul Zota Bhuj