Monday, September 24, 2012

International peace Day celebrated by Side Walk Astronomy

International peace Day celebrated by Side Walk Astronomy Showing Moon with 6 inch Telescope at BHUJ INDIA
The Star Party and Side Walk Astronomy was done at the Religious Function So more people can join
As Moon Set early less people join this program
More than 70 people participated and watched Moon
particularly children were very enthusiastic.
They saw moon first time in their life
Surprisingly children fetched  their parents and friends from their Home to join the event
Mr.Rahul Zota, Mr. Kuldip Suthar, Mrs.Rasila,Miss Bindiya were helping hands
Mr. Narendra Gor understand the people about the history of Star peace and told that this time pelople from Pakistan,  Iran, Nepal, Shrilanka are also watching the sky and promoting peace among each other
People like the idea and shaw their willingness for the peace
the children asked many questions about Moon, stars  they ask to come tomorrow also.
Among 70 people there were 50 students
nearby a religious function was going on
people were coming for prayer but children were our ambassador they tell their parents to come and watch
As Moon set around 10pm we had no other way than stop as light polution was there
but we continue to talk about the heavenly bodies and importance of the peace in the world
photos are attached here with
thanking all

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