Friday, April 20, 2012

The Lyrid meteor Shower on the night of 21st/22nd April વિણા  મંડળ (અભિજીત)ની ઉલ્કા વર્ષા 

Lunar Radiant
The Radiant of the Lyrid meteor Shower
The Lyrid Meteor Shower - so called as the radiant (from where the meteor trails seem to radiate from) lies in the constellation Lyra peaks in the early morning of the 22nd April and is a reliable, though not spectacular, shower with perhaps up to 15 meteors seen per hour.  Observations of the Lyrid meteors have been made for at least 2,600 years!   Happily, this year the peak of activity is only one day after the new moon so there will be no moonlight to hinder our observations should it be clear.   Observations made after 1 am are expected to be the most productive.   The dust particles that cause the shower have been released by the comet Thatcher, discovered in 1861. Occasionally we pass through a dense clump of particles as happened in 1982 when over 90 meteors were seen per hour.   So its worth waking up to have a look if around 1-2 am should it be expected to be clear.  Look to the East as shown in the chart.
આશા છે કે મિત્રો આ ઉલ્કા વર્ષા નો લાભ અવશ્ય લેશે. આપણા પ્રદેશમા તારીખ ૨૧ એપ્રિલની  મધ્ય રાત્રી બાદ વહેલી સવાર સુધી જોઈ શકાશે. 
લેરિડ ઉલ્કાવર્ષા એટલે અભિજીત તારો જેમાં આવેલ છે તે વિણા મંડળની ઉલ્કા વર્ષા!!!!! 

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