Friday, August 7, 2009

Enjoyed Total Solar Eclipse

Dear All Friends and Amateur Astronomers,

The big event of The Total Solar Eclipse in India is finally over. Indians enjoyed this event with the passions, feel the darkness which we cant see coming 113 years. Some people dissapointed but they enjoyed the darkness..

I really miss the Surat. First of all I really congratulations to four founder members Jagdish Thadani, Nikunj Rawal, Charitarth Vyas, Fenil Patadiya of Amateur Astronomers Association of Surat for organizing such a big international workshop on Solar Eclipse. And it got grand success. I m really thanks for this to all you members of AAAS, AGAA, Atmiya Vidhyamandir, and all which is connected to this event. This is really a nice arrangement. I really enjoyed this event.

And for the eclipse I want to say that it was an amazing moments during darkness. Perhaps it was a big event in my life I ever enjoyed.. Really Amazing....
But just dissapointed because of clouds but it not important for me. Because Life is big and we will organize International tour for Total Solar Eclipse in future !

So in short time(on 15th January) The Annular Solar Eclipse is coming and it will be seen in South India(Kanya Kumari), so I think we should organize the tour to South for the eclipse.. So all think on it and just do it.

In last, You all know that this is the International Year of Astronomy, so do the best activites during this year and feel the Astronomy....!

Thanks and Regards,
-Sumit M. Rajpura

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