Thursday, March 3, 2016

Geminids proves its Reliability 2015

Geminds proves its Reliability

"This is one more bright horison for developing Astro Tourisum in Kachchh" -Narendra Gor
Story By Narendra Gor
Astronomer from White Rann desert of Kachchh
Good Mornning
congratulations to all enthusiastic who were out in such cold wawe and observed !!!
We were here in Tent City White Rann with the group of 25 persons including Tourists, Tent City Staff and some local persons from Village
All enjoyed spectacular heavenly Shower!!! many of them saw first time in their life.
Sandhya came from Sweden while Ankita travelled from Bangalore to White Rann only to watch the falling stars. This is the third year we go some dark places to watch the Geminids, we love this dark place and want to visit again and again for Star Gazing both said. Why they prefer Geminds only? Ankita Shrivastav said Geminids are very special and reliable! !!
We enjoyed here for two full night under the dark sky!! She added
The counting of meteors reaches 128 in two hours from 11.00pm to1.00am some of them were very faint, some were very bright but no fire ball was seen said Narendra Gor president kutch Astronomy Club and incharge of Star Gazing Activity in Tent City
Enthusiasts people recorded arround 500 meteors up to 5.30am
In the begenning Narendra Gor informed about the meteors and constellation Gemini was also shown by Him
Mr. Manish Adhiya a Manager welcomed all on behalf of White Rann Campaign
Mr. Nishant showed and demonstrate how to take photographs of heavenly bodies, he practically took some photographs of the meteors
Mr. Aarif and Bhimji member of the star gazing team handled the 6 inch Telescope.
More than 70 Tourists visited the Star Gazing site
Mr. Aakil gave a vote of thanks

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