Monday, July 12, 2010

Give the Name to new TELESCOPE

Mr Yogesh Chavda Amateur Astronomer From Kadod Dist Surat
a very enthusiast to make Telescope and do Experiment
He is making a new hand made telescope for the people of Gujarat
the diameter of the lens 12 Inch
Focal length 100 Inch
weight 150Kg approximately
The Telescope is under construction
you can see the members of family are helping hands
Please suggest some appropriate name
1 Sanskrit name is preferable though you can suggest any name

2 Please suggest your name to or you can write comment on this blog also

We will annouce the name with regards if accepted

Give the Name to new TELESCOPE made by YOGESH Chvada from Pruthvi Astronomy Club


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  2. Awesome! The telescope looks not like a 12-inch but 16-inch instead! :o

    I am very eager to observe through the telescope when it completes. Congrats to Mr. yogesh Chavda for popularizing astronomy.

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