Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Annular Solar Eclipse 2010 Kanyakumari India

Our Route for Kanyakumari was like this Bhuj-Ahmedabad-Mumbai-Madurai-Nagarcoil-Kanyakumari-Return- Kanyakumari- Rameswaram-Madurai-Bangalore-Mumbai-Ahmedaba-Bhuj
Participants were 1. Vishal Joshi-Ahmedabad (PRL), 2. Kartik Pomal-Madhapar Kutch, 3. Dinesh Panchal-Rapar Kutch, 4. Gaurav Sanghavi- Mandavi Kutch, 5. Rajesh Motta-Mumbai, 6, Narendra Gor- Bhuj Kutch

The photos clicked by Vishal Joshi and edited by Narendra Gor

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  1. I want to say.. Amazing... Amazing... No other Words...!

  2. Fantastic Event with great curiosity...
    Excellent Videography....!!!

  3. Hi Guys - I liked the video. Nice work.

  4. it's great video.i enjoyed it but i think that, the time of 1.53 second it will be unforgettable moment for whole life for every one who really watch it with interest.
    jadeja pravinsinh harnathsinh.