Monday, June 8, 2009

Starpeace at Kutch India on 5th June 2009

Discription about the photo

Photo1 Guruprit Caur Talking on Cell phone

with Irene Shivaei of IRAN

Photo 2 Photo Exibition of the Birds and Nature of the Kutch Nature Club

Photo 3

People understanding the photos and nature

Photo 4: Candale Lights in the dark

Phot  5 : People were eger to watch the Moon

Photo : 6 A Person talking with one of the Pakistani villager on phone!!!


Photo 7 : Presentation by Narendra Gor(KAAC) The screeen was hanged and tied on the back side of the truck !!!!

Photo: 8 Candale lights under star lights We want  peace !!!

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