Monday, February 9, 2009

Star peace program at Bhuj with Lahore children

Astronomy for Peace program organised at SOS Children's village at Bhuj on penumbral Lunar Eclipse Observation Programm. 70 children took part in this programm they understand why eclipse occure. The Students of SOS Lahore(Pakistan) also join with the telephone and share their fealings! It was first programm in this region

The first and second one is students waching Moon with Telescope

Third photo is the exibtion of the work of KAAC Mr. KS Dube and Narendra Gor

Fourth Photo is of the Children gethered there to understand the Eclipse

In fifth Photo with help of LCD Projector and Software the Penumbral Luner Eclipse was Shown to the students

In last photo Three childrens are Sun Moon & Earth and trying to understand the Game of Shadow!!

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