Thursday, January 22, 2009

Goal and Aim

“Astronomy Teaches us to look UP, BROAD & DEEP”

Kutch Amateur Astronomers’ Club
C-122 Mundra Relocation Site, Near Tata Mobile Tower, Bhuj-Kutch. 370001
Phone : 9428220472, 02832 299450, E-mail :

Activities and Motives of the Kutch Amateur Astronomers’ Club.

 Organizing regular Sky Observation and Star Parties.
 To organize public shows and demonstration on Astronomical and Scientific Events.
 To popularize Astronomy amongst Students & People organizing Lectures, Essay
Competitions and Exhibitions.
 To develop permanent place for Sky Observation near by BHUJ.
 To Eradicated superstitions and false perception and promote scientific
aptitude and temperament among the masses.
 If you want to organize Sky Observation event or Lecture in your School, Society
or Institutions and Villages. Please Contact the Club.
 KUTCH ASTRONOMY CLUB is available on Internet. You can be a group member by
providing Name, Address and E-mail. This is Free.

To visit Kutch Astronomy Club on the web, go to:

Or Mail to

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